The Gmae you DO NOT want to see on Wii

fifa, madden, nba games,
sod it all ea sports titles but tiger woods
I wouldnt mind a Mario Party, but i dont want another, then another, followed by 7 more, then another, followed by "Mario Party Wii 1 year anniversary addition!"
Bleh said:
Personally mine is Sonic,Cars, and Spongebob.
I think sony would be just great but that stupid dponge bob and the other cars would be just stupid kid games with Sony PS3 community will laugh
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yeah i really hate how every cartoon and movie now have videos games...comeon The Divinci Code?!?! whose ever idea that was should be dealt with accordingly
Yeah Madden and EA sports games need to chill out, alot of the people that play those games think they are really good too b/c they only play against other sports fan, but then they play against a true gamer and get owned.
I would like Spongebob on the Wii.

Games I would hate to have on the Wii are all those stupid Disney Pixar Cartoon games.
They are a just really bad and give Nintendo the wrong image.
Unfortiately they will be continually sold because Nintendo still holds it "kid friendly" image. As long as there are kiddy movies there will be kiddy games because kids want them and parents will buy them :(

In like 7 or 8 years my kid is gonna own at games b/c hes starting with good ones and at a young age, no movie crap.
Darkprinny said:
fifa, madden, nba games,
sod it all ea sports titles but tiger woods

Are you serious?, the Wii is gonna amazing for Sports games they can't not include those games with Wii. You have to take advantage of the Wii Remote.