The Hardest Subspace Boss

The shapeshifting mechanical tank thing... Can't remember what it's called. I have trouble predicting it's moves... pain in the ass boss.

I can beat all of them on intense rather easily though, that dude being the only exception. Porky can be a pain sometimes, though.
Ya, that's the dude I was thinking of... Galleom, right.

I still don't like him, easy for a character or not. :p
Probably Porky, Tabuu, or Duon. Tabuu would be easy if it wernt for those super-power hard to dodge attacks....especially that Wing thing!!! Porky is hard cause you get hurt when you touch him, and he is always moving around. And Duons attacks, like Tabuu, are deadly and hard to avoid.
I find Rayquaza quite easy. The only threatening attacks are Iron Tail, Extremespeed and Focus Blast. And all can be dodged somewhat easily.
yeah but it seems to me like his defense is higher than the other bosses. what does good to all others does little to him
Defense? Oh, you are so right. But I think hes easier to hit than the other bosses, since he tends to stay in one place near the ground....when he isnt attacking, of course.
Rayquaza can be difficult on Intense. He attacks very rapidly, and as Shadow mentioned, he has one of the highest defense ratings of any boss; if not the highest. Only Tabuu could possibly have stronger defenses.

Also, the attack isn't Focus Blast. It's Dragon Pulse.
No, Focus Blast is where his eyes glow and a random explosion happens by your character. Dragon Pulse is the energy ball thing.
I dunno what the thing is where his eyes glow but I think the energy ball thing is Hyper beam, I have no troubel in boss battles but the hardest has to be Duon when you have a heavy character because they cant jump high enough to get over him and Rayquaka just takes awhile because of his defences and HP, Galleom is easy if you have good timing and Tabuu is another easy boss if you have good timing but if your lucky your practically dead, oh yeah and Porky is the hardest, he near enough ALWAYS hit you unless your lucky since that beam thing is hard to dodge but his other moves are easy to dodge...the porky bot attack is a pain in the ass though!
No, it's definatly Dragon Pulse, Fraz. :p Stated on the dojo itself, if I remember correctly. Hyper Beam is a beam, after all.

I honestly don't know what the glowing-eyes-explosion attack could be... possibly Outrage, otherwise Focus Blast. If it's neither, I'm clueless.

... Porky's laser is also very easy to dodge. :p