The Legend of Zelda the Twilight Princess.


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Jul 11, 2006
This is a place where you can just sit back relax and talk about the twilight princess!:D
It looks like it's gonna take advantage of the remote. I love watching all those twilight clips, there's like 8 of em'.:D
Are the wii graphics for TP supposed to be better than the GC version? Because all of the TP screen shots I have seen look better than anything I've ever seen on GC - of course I mostly stick to Mario type games, (like kart and more kart) And Zelda kinda had a similar animation to those games - so I havent seen GC's true realistic potential I guess.
Wii will have better graphics, when u watch clips u can't really even tell if it's got good graphics because the movie clip has poor graphics.
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Yes from everything I've heard the wii zelda is supposed to have better graphics than GC version.
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Yes it will but the 2 version will be the same only with the difference of the controller
ive seen the art of a goron from TP (electronic gaming monthly) and it looks so much darker and more detailed
This and Corruption if possible are the games I am getting at launch. If I only have enough for one game I don't know what game I should get.
I will get it at launch along with Red Steel and Super Mario Galaxy (if it makes it to launch) And if Disaster: Day of Crisis turn out as good as I expect, that too.
I don't have to worry about buying the wii, so I can spend my $200 bucks on games (thank goodness i'm still young enough to get videogame consoles for my bday:D)