The Michael Jackson Thread.


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Feb 28, 2010
Are there any Michael jackson fans here? Whats your favorite song by him?

I've been a mj fan ever since i was a young child i thought he was some man with magic powers i loved him the first time i heard him sing.

Mine is Monster ft. 50 cent- This song is like one of the illiest songs he wrote i get the chills everytime i here it cuz michael is just TOO BAD! ^_^

Michael jackson ft. Akon is also one of my favorite its a song to try and bring happiness and hope to people who really needs it. what i dont understand is why people dont like him he has a godly amazing vocal folds and sounds like a pure angle. what will this world do without michael?? all he wanted from everyone else was love and kindess and all people did was spit in his face with venom.
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Yep, the generic choice; and not just because of the MV. :lol: I ain't no Jackson fan, but I'm not so tasteless to deny he was a musical prodigy.
I still rant about how thriller was my first cassette and can still do karioke with the ``HEE-HEE SHAMONA!``

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