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Jun 19, 2006
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The microphone is true

I think I have to take this one before moving on. I saw in the comment that a lot of people think Im fake becuase I said it has a mic. Both Iwata and Miyamoto have told in interviews that the Wiimote will have no mike. But this is just a way to cover up. If they wont answer you know it's suspicious. And if they suspect it will have a microphone that means they'll ask about different implementations like chat and so on. If they say no it has no mic, then noone will ask about it again and they will just forget it. Instead of maybe answering more and maybe they will slip. So it's easier to do this, and they can always say oh we added that later, so we didnt lye anyway.

Because a mic can do very much with a game. There are many interesting ways to use it. For example Nintendo copyrighted WiiKaraoke as a trademark. So that's just further evidence.

A mic is NOT expensive. A mic is one of the most basic, cheapest key components a controller can possibly have. It's easy to put there, it consts practically nothing and unless it's activated it draws absolutely no power from the battary. So personally, I think you should can see that it would actually be stupid of Nintendo to NOT put a mic in the controller. At least I think so. It's an extra element that costs not lower battery life, almost no money, and can give so much back. Even activated, it draws very little power. It takes some extra to send the data to the Wii, but that's very little.

So basicaly, I think it's easy to see both that the Wiimote will have a mic and why Nintendo claims they have no mic in it.

Here is the site from where I took it,

So what do u think???:confused:
This IS NOT confirmation that the Wii-mote will have a mic, it specifically states that nintendo has released info that it WILL NOT contain a mic, the mic is said to be released on a headset type attachment possibly, nintendo has gone on record to state they left out the mic not B/C of price but B/C they feel it would complicate the remote and they want it to be simplified, they didn't dodge the question or not answer as this article says, they outright told us NO.
Im 98% sure there will be a mic in the controller. Its already standard in the DS and an add-on for cube so i think its pretty obvious that there will be a mic. There just covering up till everything is final.
I think it will be better to have a headset because this way you can chat with the people you are playing with online. If the microphone was in the wiimote it will be hard to talk while you are waving the controller all over the place
Supermariomp3 said:
I think it will be better to have a headset because this way you can chat with the people you are playing with online. If the microphone was in the wiimote it will be hard to talk while you are waving the controller all over the place

Darn Supermariomp3, you stole my comment.:D

I totally agree that if they make a mic, which they most likely will because the DS has one, it will be some type of headset, but what I was wondering was, where are you gonna plug it in?? Not in the Wiimote because you're gonna be swinging it and not the nunchuk because you're gonna be moving that a bit in certain games and it only has one port that connects it to the Wiimote.

So...I think Wii will be the first console with a completly wireless headset, that won't even need a dongle plugged in, so I'm not really sad that there won't be one in the wiimote; it's just better this way.:cool:
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If there is a mic and speaker on the Wii-mote then there will be pickup from the Wii-mote to the mic unless the mic is on the other side or have to get really close, which would be stupid, maybe they'll have a nunchuk like attachment with a mic for karaoke games but as for trash talk, it definitely needs to be headset to be done right or else you get too much unwanted noise. and again directly from the above post :sick: "Both Iwata and Miyamoto have told in interviews that the Wii-mote will have no mike"
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OK, I think I can clear up all the hairy details (I'm preatty sure they've all been said, but this way they're all together).

The mic will be in a headset, not the WiiMote; thus they are truthful by saying that the WiiMote would not contain a mic.

Also, think logistically about having a mic in a controler meant to be waved around. Sure, the DS mic was in the handheld, but it was also meant to be held still. There may have been some invauluntary tilting, but nothing like the WiiMote. Imagine trying to talk to a friend over the phone while you wave it arround the room.
Heh I actually tried it after you said that. :p And it didn't work...maybe the headset can plug into the gamecube controller slot or Memory card slot.
Supermariomp3 said:
i hope its wireless and uses bluetooth technology
That would be nice, and based on what we've seen so far, bluetooth may be a possibility. Nintendo has started using a lot of common interfaces. Using bluetooth would mean you wouldn't have to get a headset just for the Wii, you could go and get any old blutooth headset and have it work.
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Well... I think it will not have... since it will have interference with the speaker