wii-mote microphone... anyone?


Jun 25, 2006
hemet, CA
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is it just me or am i the only one to see that the nintendo DS has a microphone built into it, and seeing as nintendo said that the wii will be able to connect to the DS wirlessely kinda like the GBA did with the GC, and you will be able to use its features, so maybe the WII-mote wont have a microphone and u can just use the DS' mic, anyone? ideas? and for those people who dont have a ds can buy an extra accessorie mic and use it?:tard:
we already disscused the possibility of a mic. and yes it is a HUGE possibilty.
There was a microphone for the gamecube that you could probaly use for the Wii but I doubt they'll use this. Here is a picture:
I really think there will be a microphone thats one of the secrets are going to be revealed on september
That GCN mic, does it plug into the memory card slot???

I highly doubt that the mic will be in the WiiMote. Think abut it, every mic I've ever seen has to be within some range of your mouth (within about a foot), and you can't very well be moving the WiiMote from where it is to use the mic. Nintnedo is into little details like that.
yeah they would have to have some expensive technology for it to pic your voice up (clearly) when the mic is in your hand 1 1/2- 3ft away, i think a simple headset would work fine