wii-mote, this only makes sense..


Jun 25, 2006
hemet, CA
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i don't have the articles on hand but i will look for them if people really want some info to back all of this up, but there have been people asking if the nintnendo wii will have the microphone in the wii-mote, WELL, nintendo has stated that the nintendo DS will be able to connect the the wii and be able to be used as a remote for some games ( like the pokemon ones coming to the DS and wii consoles) so it only makes sense that the wii will be using the microphone capabilities on the ds for the wii games (such as wiikaraoke) unless the ds's microphone is that bad or not god enough quality, but nintendo did state the above about the ds being able to be used as a controlled for some of the wii's games. Another thing i thought was neat was the wii cooking, i forget where i saw it but the wii was displaying the video for this game/program where chefs were cooking something on the wii and they were limited to a time and they were cutting ingrediants and flipping food in a skillet, well that is all i had to say, any responses out there?
man I really would apreciate if u look for that info and too for the information of the cooking game:)
I never thought of that. That's really good thinking and I hope it's true. I did see a site that confirmed a headset, but everything else in that article last I checked were just rumors, some of which are way too far-fetched to even be plausible (such as: users will be able to create their own games, and the WiiConnect 24 will be a sort of ad-hoc network, for those who know what that is), so I would consider it a non-source.