The Official Headset Petition


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Jun 11, 2007
If you want Nintendo to release Headsets for us all to use online (and soon..) Then support the Petition here.

Im not going to waste my time putting peoples names down, it would take forever. Instead, if you post, its like signing the petition. So if your against the headset (the minority i think) then i would probably refrain from posting.

You can also discuss the headsets here. But please dont say things like, "WTF DUDE ZOMG! HEADSET = BADDD"

Becuase if you do, then not only are you signing the petition (read above) but your looking like an idiot. :)

I also would like to ask a few Q's...

1) Can software be released as an update from nintendo to allow released games like mario strikers charged, incorporate headsets? So, an update that would allow online chat basically, just in games already released.

2) Would you prefer a bluetooth or wired headset? me personally, id like abluetooth one, less wires is always good :) Plus a bluetooth USB headset would probably what Ninty would do, considering they use bluetooth for the remotes.

Sign the online petition, lets make it official! (thanks Renz)

Discuss :lol:
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I'm for it, the more Wii collectors stuff, the better :)
We need the headset badly, especially if you want to compete with xbox live

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