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Dildeep5 said:

(Even though i know nintendo will never release it)

Are you serious? They released one for the DS, so why not for the Wii? Its ALMOST inevitable, its just a matter of when...and it better be soon too.

It's awesome for strategy games such as S.O.C.O.M. or Halo, but I'm not a fan of it for games such as Madden unless you are playing a friend. If it's a stranger either you don't say anything or there is some stupid kid singing the whole time. It's also fun on the poker games with an EYE toy for PS2 until someone shows you thier wang or something! Lol
Smash bros. does not need it, but for games like Batallion Wars 2 and Endless Ocean...Signed.
Sovieto said:
im pretty sure headsets were made in general...

Nah cause then they would be called Telephones :O

XBL Annoyed the **** out of me with people and their headsets, and it's not a matter of turning it off, most of the kids don't even get on to play, they get on to yak their jaw. Could you imagine getting stuck in a server with nothing but kids that want to just talk? Then when you DC it's a bad one on you.

I'm all for headsets with F/C codes, could care less about headsets in normal lobby games cause the average person that uses the headsets on consoles are little pimple faced teens that just wanna trash talk each other or find a girlfriend that plays video games.

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