the release day?

Jun 5, 2006
oops... forgot
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well.. when nintendo reveals the release day in september, it will just be 4 japan? the global launch thingy is just so little chance, isn't it ??
so the how long after the release in Japan will it take before it launches in America, Europe ++ ? and an other question is : has any console ever been launched global before? i don't think the wii will launch in at least europe before christmas time! but it will launch in europe before 2007 though...
it will also be no consoles left in the shops all over Norway after the launch day i think...:tard: i'm such a big wonder-duude :rolleyes:
Man i will kill nintendo if they dont release it globally!, man i want my wii and im in freakin Australia who gets every freakin thing last except stupid australian dramas and crappy australian movies.
Nintendo said"We don't think it's necessary to do the simultaneous worldwide launch simply because others are doing this,",* infering that there will be a global launch, but it's not to compete with the PS3. I thought the Wii was getting here in the UK sometime before Christmas - indeed, I thought it was going to be around the same time as America and Japan. I suppose we'll have to wait til Leipzig (sp?) on August 28th (or something like that) before we find out.:(

P.S. I'm still rooting for an October Launch!

*= The use of the word 'simply' to me, implies that it won't be a worldwide launch JUST BECAUSE everyone else is doing it. It implies that it's doing it, despite it's competitors.
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Oh man, dam!, so wait, u reckon it will be around christmas for Uk, cause i think aus will get around same time as UK, that sux, MAN! i want my wii before christmas. Actually, christmas woudnt sound too bad cause im going to India in Nov and i would be arriving back at around christmas. Still, i want that thing so bad it hurts the internal organs.
i think ninty will want to get the wii out before christmas everywhere so i think it will be aorund the same time so dont get to upset fellow aussie
lol thanks for trying to make me feel better but it just aint working :(, man your right though, i think they will launch worldwide maybe not at the same time but before christmas, i still thought they would try to launch everywhere before nov 15th cause of ps3 but meh, i dont no
they better have released the wii before December otherwise ill be upset. I cant wait until around christmas i want it late october or early november. By the way nintendowiigaming to answer your question...ps3 is going to be a global release.
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yah ok ... ps3 fans not lucky but get global launch. in my mind i'm just like m7ticalm :( it's creepy to think abou not having a nintendo wii before like in 4-5 months :(
your all right, we'd all feel betrayed if nintendo did not release the wii soon and did not release it as a global launch.
Wii all will just have to cross our fingers and hope
Yeah, dam those freakin psqueer people and their freakin global launch, dam them, dam them, dam them. Man, i think nintendo fans are most loyal to their consoles and we get slightly betrayed in a way. Nintend u cruel torturers!!!!
its the price we have to pay. Remember, no pain no gain
(in sony's case, their crap consoles)
Yeah, i will get so pissed off if their is a big gap between AUS and US release. 1 month is all i will tolerate, anything more and i will get annoyed