Wii launch party, Nov. 17?

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Jul 2, 2006
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The latest bit of quasi-information on the system's launch comes via the message boards over at Gaming-Age. Melissa from Web show GameLife posted an e-mail she received from Nintendo that invited her to a Wii launch party in Los Angeles...on November 17.
Nov. 17 Wii launch party in Los Angeles? Well this must be the official release date of the Wii right? Take a look at this:
The date is no doubt familiar to gamers as the day the PlayStation 3 launches, but is it also the day the Wii launches? By all accounts, it would appear so. So that's it, case closed, right?

Not so fast. As reported by several gaming sites, including game blog Kotaku, Nintendo is also holding an event in New York City on September 14 which will be hosted by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. With Nintendo promising to release information on the console's price and release date in September, the smart money says that the NYC event will be the place the final details of the Wii are out of the bag.

For the rest of the info: gamespot.com

Now this clicks together, the Sep. party being the party that releases the price, date of release etc. and the Nov. 17 launch party being when the Wii is launched. Now these r just blogs and rumors, but they say this info has been "reported by several gaming sites".

Hopefully this isn't true, seeing as the lines would be ridiculously long because ppl would be lining up for different systems, most likely even fights could occur. Fights were reported in several cities around the world (I saw one) when fellow Xboxers were in line to get the 360's...imagine the bad blood between a Nintendo fanboy and a Playstation fanboy in a line twice as long, not a pretty site. Furthermore Nintendo said that they would be releasing their console before Sony would...this was some interesting news to me, just though i'd report it to u guys.:)
Interesting, unlikley though, screw gamespot, they have no new info on the Wii ever, they still have things wraping up E3 on theirs I believe, their not a trustworthy site for Wii info
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I know, but it is something to think about...maybe some info on when the Wii will come out. I'm up for any news that helps me figure out that!:D
This is not official news from Nintendo, so I'm going to close the thread. There are already too many launch threads and until we get news from Nintendo, all the continuing threads that are made will be closed.
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