The rise (1994) and fall (2006) of playstation


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Jul 8, 2006
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great article... this is the thing that scares me the most:

Various news sources recently reported that Sony is seeking to implement a licensing patent on Playstation 3 games whereby the consumer will not 'own' the game they've 'purchased', but only the 'license' to play it. The software would therefore remain the property of Sony and, more importantly, it would be illegal for retail outlets to sell second-hand PS3 games. Other reports indicate that UK retailers have already received notification from Sony that second-hand sales of Playstation 3 games will be prohibited. Sony denies this. Further to the software licensing, which would force more full-price sales from Sony consumers, and make it nigh on impossible for those who cannot always afford full-price games to invest in the Playstation 3, the individual coding scandal continues to surface, whereby Sony would specifically code PS3 games to only play on the console they first boot on. Again, another attempt at driving down second-hand sales, to which Sony has also issued denials.
I hope it isn't true. Until it's confirmed by Sony, I'm not convinced- it sounds like more rumours being spread by anti-Sony fanboys to me.
Hmmm... if that were to happen it would surely make the sony gaming industry almost exclusively accessible to hardcore gamers or to people who want to play sony games. Microsoft is trying to do the same thing with their 'next - gen' computer operating system - making third party software almost inaccessible with the new system unless it was authorised by microsoft. This means that microsoft will have complete control over their software and who uses it. Almost the corporate dream to control the 'masses' completely...
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sony can do that game lisencing with the new blu-ray technology.

the ps3 can encode the disks.

sony is hoping the "mainstream" gamer wont notice until he/she buys the ps3.
No the blue ray makes the game only usable on one console so you cant lend games out or sell them.Personally it seems like they need all the money they can get.Tight.
remember the good old days, where everyone just played games and the companies like sony weren't al psycho. I'm not saying the thing above is true, but it is terrible and if Microsoft is doing the same thing to their next OS, isn't that like trying to create a monopoly, they're going to have another anti-trust lawsuit if that is true. (I believe it was called and anti-trust lawsuit, someone correct me if I'm wrong)

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