The true UK vc list for this week (3 Aug)


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May 30, 2006
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Tis a good week
Shinobi 3(Because Revenge cant come out due to some marvel/DC charicters in it)
Mega drive 800pts (also on the Mega drive collection)
Compared to its predecessor The Revenge of Shinobi, the action in Shinobi 3 is considerably smoother, with less emphasis on difficulty (performing trick jumps) and more on speed. In addition to the ability to run from place to place (instead of walk), Joe comes equipped with a new array of moves and techniques, including a mid-air dashkick, the ability to jump-scale walls and a powerful running slash that renders him temporarily invincible.
The D-pad controls Shinobi's movements, while the action buttons A, B and C are used to perform a special ninjitsu technique, throw shurikens (or sword-slash), and jump, respectively. Shuriken, as always, are the basic staple of Shinobi's attacks. He can throw them straight toward his enemies one at a time or launch eight at once during a somersault. In addition, the power-up bonus triples all knife damage as well as enhancing Shinobi's close-combat skills.​

Shining Force(Bigger becuase its better)
Mega drive 800pts (and worth it)
No screens all the ones I can find are of ofhter Shining force games
Shining Force is considered to be relatively simple compared to other tactical RPGs. Battles take place in square grids, and each unit occupies 1 square. Units can belong to one of 2 sides: allies (controlled by the player) or enemies (controlled by the computer AI).
The gameplay is turn-based; each unit can both move and perform one action (attack, use a spell, use an item) on its turn. Some commands such as equipping or dropping items don't count as actions. The order of the turns is determined by the unit's agility score. Units can use offensive actions (such as attacking or using a BLAZE spell) only on units belonging to the other side, and they can use support actions (such as using a HEAL spell or a medical herb item) only on units belonging to the same side.
Like most video game RPGs, units can become stronger by fighting enemies and performing some actions. Those give the units experience points (EXP.), which allow them to gain levels. While in the original Mega Drive/Genesis version only ally units can gain experience points, in the 2004 remake for Game Boy Advance enemy and ally units alike can gain experience points. This bears some resemblance to some other strategy RPGs such as Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics.
On Shining Force, each ally unit is represented by a character with its own background and personality, much like the Fire Emblem series. There are no "generic" units, except on the enemy side. Like what happens on most RPGs with a large cast of characters, however, many of these characters are left in mystery and give little or no contribution to the plot.
Each ally unit also have a class, which defines a set of abilities for that unit. Once a unit reaches level 10, it can advance to another class, called "promotion". A unit can be promoted at any level between 10 or 20; the longer the player waits to promote a unit, the stronger it will be after being promoted.
Battle goals for the player's (ally side) are fairly simple: either kill all enemies, or kill the enemies' leader. The enemy side wins when they manage to kill the player's leader, Max, or when the player chooses to escape the battle. However, even if the escape choice is made or Max is killed, one can recover the allies and fight the same enemy again. Since the main character always carries the experience and money gained, regardless of the battle outcome, the game is considerably easier than most strategy RPGs. There is no Game Over, and most of time, the player's army gets stronger even if the ally side is defeated.
Most games from the Shining Force series (with the exception of the Game Gear and Sega CD games) also possess an exploration mode, besides the regular battle mode. This gameplay mode is more similar to a traditional RPG game. In this mode, one plays as the Shining Force leader (Max), and one can walk around, interact with people or the scenario, and set the members and equipment of the player's army.​
Shorter version :
Take chess
-Cess borad
+A map
-Rules (But if the main charicter dies its all over)
+Elf girls

Dynamite Headdy(Suffers from cronic strangeness)
Mega Drive 800pts
The game is played over a series of "scenes" and "acts", the end of which is often typified by a big boss battle. Headdy's special power is his launchable head. This can be fired in eight directions: up, down, left, right, and the four diagonals in-between. Launching it at enemies can damage or destroy them.
His head can also be used to hold on to a "HangMan", a character that acts like a hook. By grabbing a HangMan with your head, the player can then use it to hurl themselves in its direction, as if connected by an elastic band. Headdy can also swap his head for a special head, if he attacks a HeadCase. Depending on the symbol that the HeadCase is showing, Headdy will get a different head with a different special power.
Scattered across the levels are a number of Secret Bonus Points. These can be collected by performing a strange or skilled action, such as finding a hidden item or defeating an enemy that is difficult to reach.

Drop off
T/g 600pts (dont bother)
The only crap one
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Nov 9, 2006
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Shinobi is awesome, its a side scrolling fighting game, with a level on horseback and one on a surf board (if i remember rightly) its just fun to play and very smooth visually. You start off fighting other ninjas then somehow progress to robots. You can kind of say its like contra but as a ninja. With special moves like lightning or invunerability with some pretty sweet bosses.


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May 30, 2006
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supanova said:
So what's this Shinobi business all about? Apparently I'm out of line in calling it rubbish?

Shinobi 3 is a damn fine platformer (even if the horse back sections are annoying)

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