the twilight realm

maybe gannondorf will be a jackel "may his son be a son of a jackel and the number of his army be 666" omen 2
would be a good twist or maybe another wolf on wolf combat
no zelda is a hawk it is based on japanese story about a princess that was a hawk in the day and then a princess at night and about a knight that was wolf at night and a human at day they could only see each other at a split second in the day
There was an article on the internet stating that zelda will be able to transform into a hawk. And it is said that probably zelda is that character that rides on link back when he is in his wolf form.
oboy, this is a doozy I gotta straighten, meaning that I heard people say all of that was false...I honestly a, so confused between truth and false its not fit! Midna is the character that rides on Wolf Links back, right? Where in the world wide web does it say that she may be Zelda? Isn't that all guesswork? And I thought Nintendo representatives said that Zelda is not the hawk, and Ladyhawke is not what this game is based on...pleeeease! Someone get me proof...muahahaha, or someone get me a free early copy of the game so I can conquer it...hahahahaha