Thread rating


Apr 30, 2006
Just wondered if you guys know about the thread rating options?

If you see a good thread that you think is useful or is well written or whatever, you can give it a rating out of 5.

5 - Excellent
1- Being Terrible

If you look to the top right of this post, you'll see a drop down link 'Rate Thread' thats where you can select the ratings.

I changed the ugly stars to cool mario mushrooms :D

I think if more people use the rating system it will be much easier to distinguish between the quality threads etc :)

Just a thought.
I did notice.. but i didn't notice.. if u get me :crazy:
Yeah its a good idea, then the best threads could have some sorta sorting order to which are the highest rated etc..
Well.. thats if the whole rating idea becomes popular
Just a thought