Tony Hawk Set to SHRED on Wii!

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Oct 10, 2009

Tony Hawk’s latest game, SHRED, has just been announced today by Activision for all major consoles, with the Wii version having the added bonus of featuring Miis of all the pro skaters and snowboarders that appear in the game, including Tony Hawk of course, and Olympic Gold Medalist snowboarder Torah Bright. Players can also import their own Miis into the game. The Wii version is currently being developed by Buzz Monkey, as an entirely separate entity from the other console versions.

Tony Hawk: SHRED, is being created with younger gamers in mind, enabling players to feel the exhilaration of supersized skate and snowboarding, using the game’s innovative, motion-sensing board controller. The game has an arcade-style look and feel to it, and plenty of spectacular tricks to master, both on the streets and on the slopes, as players get to snowboard at crazy speeds down the slopes of Whistler, the French Alps and Beijing, China.

Here’s Tony Hawk talking about SHRED:

“Tony Hawk: SHRED is all about experiencing over-the-top, almost unbelievable*GO BIG*moments throughout the game – the kind of tricks and stunts that we can only hope to achieve as our sports continue to evolve. I’m also excited about including snowboarding in SHRED, because when we originally came up with the board motion-controller, we didn’t*just have skateboarding in mind, and it’s nice to finally see that idea coming to fruition.”

Look for SHRED to hit the shelves around the holiday season, presumably with the board motion-controller included in a bundle. More details when we get them.