Too hard to complete,so it gets boring?


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Apr 4, 2009
:nonod: I love this game but while i am at 108 stars no matter how much i try i cannot get any better what are your thoughts on this issue
Similar to you i loved the game but after awhile it just lost its appeal as some parts became to repetitive. But it depends on what you want out of a game and if your the kind of person who has to complete a game 100% then there is lots to do. If your not enjoying the game anymore due to it being to hard to complete then there is not point playing it.
hey , i'm like that with some of the games -like the purple coin one on the fire galaxy ,
i have 111 stars atm , nearly completed the second bit
Im only on about 30 stars, i cant beat that bloody big ghost in a race and lost interest.
I am the same as most of you I find it hard to complete then give up! for a while lol I don't have very good patience!
This game was easy, I got all the stars, minus the Luigi ones, I thought it was the same as Mario's except that you're playing with The L-man.
the stages with the star in the see through ball are too hard i fine...there is one when ur on the ball and have to collect all the purple coins....

talk bout me being impatient.... :(
i loved this game way too much. i played it through and got all 121 stars with bout Mario and Luigi all within about a 1-2 week period. would have been sooner except i work throughout the day and then have a family to take care of in the evening, so i have minimal time to play. but i made it happen, lol. i am so excited for part 2.
Pretty new to this game but can anyone advise me on the egg galaxy and I am on a terrace where half in dark and half is light and dont know where to go???????? There are some green rails I can ride on but get knocked off after a bit. Tried getting Mario to jump up that path on the wall but he couldnt do it. Thx
i just beat it two days ago and i got it at launch!

i think i died the most on the very last purple coin with luigi on dreadnought galaxy. it made me :mad5:
Well it does help if your dedicated to finish a game that brings a sense of achievement which is worth it. Getting frustrated over game just "sucks" the fun out of the game your playing. I think Mario Galaxy is an overall fun game to play. If you get all the stars (120 stars) with Mario and Luigi you get to go to the "Grand Finale" galaxy where you started at the star festival. It is kind of like SMS (super mario sunshine) when you finish the game you get to go back to the airport on Isle Defino for 10 coins and complete the secret level containing a shine sprite. So being dedicated is rewarding.:thumbsup:
lol. I bought this game back in Oct 2008. Played it for awhile and got stuck on boards that most real gamers would say are sooooo easy. I stopped playing for a long time b/c I was discouraged. Decided to beat the game so I started back up a month ago really hard. Got past the 3 boards that were giving me trouble, finally. I'm at 41 stars now and of course stuck again but I'm not gonna give up. I am determined to beat this game. Wish me luck :)

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