Twilight Princess controls changed - now freehand sword action


Apr 30, 2006
Nintendo has made some major changes to the control scheme for the Wii version of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Speaking to Japan's monthly Nintendo Dream publication, producer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the game will now allow players to swing the controller for sword slashes.

Going along with this change, Nintendo has made modifications to the game's bow and arrow controls. In the E3 version, players aimed with the Wiimote, then actually shot out arrows using the D-pad. With the B button now free, Nintendo has moved the action to the B button. Miyamoto felt that that shooting the arrow with the D-pad was too difficult, and the B button allows for quicker and easier shooting.​

Miyamoto didn't reveal if this setting could be altered in the options menu. He did however stand by what he said at E3 - that this will be the best Zelda game ever.

source: IGN
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Really highlights the reason why the gamecube controller will not work on the Wii for this game.
I wont lie - Ive been losing excitement over the wii recently - but this is exactly the news i need to spark my interest. This is obviously how the game should have been all along. I just hope that the interface for the sword swing works well and that it does what you want it to do. Now im looking forward to the launch date again and will probably preorder.
Using the B button is better for me, cause to reach the d-pad button is a little difficult.