LoZ controls get updated and Shiggy talks GC titles updated for Wii

Jun 5, 2006
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LoZ controls get updated and Shiggy talks GC titles updated for Wii
Posted Aug 21st 2006 12:30PM by David Hinkle
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Some have said that using the Wiimote as if it were a sword, swinging it around to perform actions in-game, will undoubtedly cause us all to collapse from exhaustion. Some have noted that no actual force is required when using the Wiimote as if it were a sword or in any other kind of fashion, causing the previous point to be irrelevant. Well, now the argument may heat up yet again as Shigeru Miyamoto recently confirmed with Nintendo Dream magazine that the previous controls established for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess are no more.

Instead of using the B button to cause Link to slash, as the E3 build demonstrated, now players will need to physically swing the Wiimote around should they wish Link to vanquish his foes. Only thing is, the combat in previous Legend of Zelda titles has been intense, causing some to wonder if this new change is for the best.

Also, now that the B button has been freed up, it will now be used when Link is utilizing the bow. Upon aiming at a target, hitting the B button will let loose the arrow from the bow. Miyamoto also tested out using the d-pad for aiming duties, but decided to scrap that idea.

In the same article, Miyamoto stated that given the hardware set of the Wii, it would be easy to update GameCube titles to allow full use of the Wii's control scheme. Of course, we have to assume that if this were even going to happen it would only be restricted to first-party titles from Nintendo. Miyamoto said:

"We'll be upgrading the development tools, but GameCube code can be used for the most part as is. In that sense, I believe that it would be good to remake GameCube games for Wii, and that some titles would become better with the change to the Wii remote controller."

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all i have to say is YAY! as lil jon! cause i thought it was a bit dhollL with the whole B button thing when i actually wanned to swing the controller!