Twilight Princess 'Wiimote' functionality confirmed


Apr 30, 2006
According to TIME magazine they can confirm that the new Zelda title does in fact support the Wiimote controls :D

There's been much speculation over this the past few months, and i cant wait to see a working demo of this, just imagine sword fighting with the wiimote :D:D

I just hope to hell Nintendo choose to have the Twighlight Princess as a launch title when the console comes out :sick:
Well, I'd expect a title such as this to be controlled by the Wiimote. Boomerangs, hook shots etc. can be done with the good use of the Wiimote. Even the sword, slicing motion. =)
Twilight Princess is indeed a lauch title for the Wii.
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jesse said:
Twilight Princess is indeed a lauch title for the Wii.
Woot! That'll definitely be the first of the games I get with the Wii. The interactive remote is going to be so fun... :D
Yup, i will have this game as soon as I get a Wii, will be just like when I was younger. I remember working and busting my butt all summer saving up to buy a SNES and Link to the Past. Good times.
OMG i just cant wait for Wii and legend of Zelda, usin a bow nd sword is what im looking foward 2 most and hittin monster with ur shield will b kool 2
Nintendo hasnt confirmed wether or not you are going to be able to swing the wiimote like a sword, i think its only going to be hit A......thats how it was at the demo, and thats what it was a theres hope
Yeah, I Do Believe Its Alraedy Confirmed...

This Is Gonna Be My First Buy NO MATTER WHAT!!!!