Twilight Princess Mix-Up


Jul 17, 2006
BBC Collective said:

It comes as no surprise that Legend of Zelda is now a Wii launch title. It made little sense in keeping it for the GameCube which is nearly on its way out, however Zelda is still planning to be released for the GC (though apparently only in America) for those not wanting to play it on the new system. Controlling link with the Wii controller is fairly simple, you’ll be able to draw it back when you want to fire an arrow and swing it when you want Link to hack at some enemies with his sword. The game still looks gorgeous as it did when it was first unveiled and now the Twilight Realm is doused in faint colour instead of just being black and white. Coupled with the fact that this is supposed to be the biggest Zelda ever and we have a very exciting launch title for the Wii.

Released: Launch Title

As most people will know controlling link will be completely different from what is described in this quote.

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I found this further down the page

BBC Collective said:

Zelda wasn’t just showcased on the Wii but also in its new game for the DS. Phantom Hourglass retains the same look as the Wind Waker but will have new additions to gameplay thanks to the DS hardware. The touchscreen will be used for solving dungeon puzzles, sword fights, drawing a route to sail on the sea and, rather usefully, noting down where important items are on the map which can then be displayed on the top screen to avoid you losing your bearings in dungeons. There’s also a multiplayer mode where two people can go head to head with each other. With all the hype focussed on Twilight Princess it’s easy to overlook this other new Zelda but, like its bigger brother, this is shaping up to be quite special too.

Released: Q4 2006

It might lead to secrets throughout the game, the same way as it happened with the GC and GBA
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It could make both games and systems sell more, which would be good for nintendo as they are charging just above the production price, for the Wii.
yeah that is very true but I know so many ppl who are only gonna buy wii cuz its only 250 and everyting else is twice that
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that is another big issue but think eventually the price will either go up to compensate with the high demand or go down because everyone has one ^_^
I also agree but I doubt it'll go up

ps3 is screwed though with the price they're stuck at cuz the blu ray drive cost sooo much to produce I mean its a good deal for the ps3 actyally cuz just a blu ray alone is like 500+$ but it'll have good graphic hopefully gameplay also 8/
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i think you'll find since the PS3 leeched the wii with the wireless motion sensing that is the only improvement they have made, you will find the graphics will be good and the other hardware will be good

but the gameplay will probably be exactly the same as the PS2
oh I'm sre it will be but there are some good games coming out for it like have u heard of assassins creed? its going to blow away a lot of games I love ubisoft haha
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assassins creed does sound good but there will only be a few good games but that could let the ps3 thrive rather than completely bomb
yeah but it still will bomb the lines will be small unlike the wii the lines will be around the block for those
something funny about the blu-ray here
and in EGM i saw a picture of a guy holding a PSP in the style of a DS (i dont know where i could find the picture) saying "Look, I don't know what you're implying, but the PSP Doubleviw Has been in development since 1993":lol: (if any of that make sense...)
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it's basically saying that sony are leeching $*&%£?@# and that you shouldn't really buy there products
sony has been stealing nintendo's ideas since...well, the PS1 was going to be a nintendo console but they cancelled the contract and went with Phillips (that console sucked!)