The 4th triforce is real!!!!


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Sep 28, 2006
i have recently read the thread about the 4th piece of the triforce and i just like to say. What the hell! I have been trying to get this throught your thick skulls. Ganon has a triforce piece, Zelda has the 2nd piece, while Link from legend of zeldas mm and oot has the third. This new Link, that appears in twilight princess holds the final and 4th piece of the triforce(think about it this way, when the link went to termina the triforce of corage lost all connection to hyrule, now this new link in twilight princess has a triforce mark on the back of his left hand, thus concluding that since the hero of time never really passed the triforce of courage on then link from ocarina of time still possess the triforce of courage, then this new link shows up with a triforce mark on his left hand proves there are 4 triforce shards.) The hero of the time will reappear in this game, (when i say hero of time i mean link from oot and mm) The hero of time destroys his triforce of courage( why else is the triforce of courage busted up in wind waker.) which throws out the entire balance of hyrule causing the twilight realm. The link in this game has to die also because of the fact that the 4th triforce piece has to disappear.(Oh and maybe, just maybe midna might hold the 4th triforce piece
Where do you get all this knowledge?! Tell me your source, I want to be as smart as you!
Except that none of the games are connected, bar OOT and MM. Plus it's a "Tri"-force. At least you thought about it a little bit. Try again.
I like the idea its well thourhgt out but I doubt it. Not beacues of the 'tri' in triforce but because of something mentioned in OOT

The triforce was created by the three godess: Din, Naryu and Farore. Each made or stood for a piece. Din - Triforce of Power, Naryu - Triforce of Wisdom and Farore - Triforce of Courage. These all combined to form the sacred Triforce.

AS you can see three godess created the lands etc. etc. you get the point three godess

A Triangle.
That Doesn't Mean That The Triforce Cant Have Another Piece To It!!!
Tri-force as they said is 3!

It can't be real as you think it will be, and if it is a new link, it is a new piece of the tri-force that replaces the other.
Yeah it would not be called tri-force then would it, it would be quad-force which sounds retarded and there are three godesses.
NO, NO, no and most definately good god NO. I don't know what greater sense of being you have to imply that WE are stupid to subscribe to your retarded and mathmatically innacurate theory of 4 TRI-force pieces. Well listen up Mercenary, let me get THIS through YOUR thick skull.

1st. Most obviously, Tri = 3. Triforce, Tricycle, Trilogy, Trinity

2nd. You have no idea how the twilight princess story line is going to work out so why oh why do you assume you have inside information. NO, that is NOT going to happen because 4 pieces, INVALIDATES THE ENTIRE STORY OF ZELDA.

3rd. The gods. Three gods. THREE. Each god made their own special little piece. They dod not each make 1 1/3 piece of the triforce each.

Did it not occur to you that at the end of OOT, when the triforce is LOCKED AWAY, link might have NOT HAD THE MARK ON HIS GOD DAMN HAND. Well there ya go einstein. The Triforce was LOCKED AWAY. Too bad you didn't get anything through our thick skulls. And never say that to any member of this forum EVER again.
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