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Aug 20, 2006
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hey everyone. confused. ive been tryin to figuire out the timeline for OoT, MM, TP, WW. and even after tryin to agree one somethin, i get confused. okay lets take it lil by lil. i have a theory about TP and how it all fits in. i think that the link in TP, is infact the link in OoT and MM. have you guys ever read somewhere where it says that if someone filled with evil touches the triforce, a hero will emerge?? well i think i have an explanation to why in the legend told in WW of how the hero never returned. jus bare with me. try to understand to what im tryin to explain here.

okay here it goes. now ive been tryin to understand some stuff, but its hard. okay lets see. in ocarina of time. we all know that once link removes the master sword, it lets ganon get the triforce and triggering all the boss battles. and all the way leadin up to the final showdown. now in the end, when ganon is locked in the sacred realm, with the triforce still at hand, link returns to the past, and lays the master sword to rest.

okay now. when link goes to the past, he sees zelda is lookin through the window. so basically he returns to a time where ganon doesnt have the triforce or either do zelda and link. so what im sayin is, the future never couldve happened cause link sets off to termina. which also means the WW legend is born and tells of how link leaves hyrule and then evil spreads across with no one to stop him.

okay ill try to explain that in a lil bit, but lets stay with link right now. okay so link goes to termina, fight majora and has an adveture. meanwhile, darkness is spreadin through hyrule right?? okay now at the end of MM link is seen ridin epona, and then rides off to the sunlight. thats when my theory comes into play. what i think, is that the link we know, finds the new town in TP stays there and grows up there.

now back to ganon. in an earlier LoZ game,it is said that only a hero will emerge if someone with an evil heart touches the triforce. that makes ganon able to spread evil throughout hyrule without any interfearance by link cause ganon never had the triforce cause link never removed the master sword which would let ganon get the ToP, which the legend told in WW is born. now back to link. link is sent to hyrule and sees the Twilight Realm. in the legend told in WW it says that the ppl prayed to the gods that a hero would emerge to stop ganon. but since back in OoT link puts the sword to rest and is never known as the hero of time to the ppl. that would explain why the ppl didnt recognize him when he returns in TP. last but not least, the conclusion to the legend in WW. it says that everyone died and the gods had no choice but to drown hyrule.

what im tryin to say, is that maybe, this is a theory, the link in TP is the hero of time, MM is before TP. and last but not least, you die or fail in TP. but i mean this is jus a theory. i know some...or a lot makes no sense or dont understad, but hey, im confused by jus tryin to type this. so basicaly, do you agree with this?? does it make sense?? will you die in TP?? is the link that we all know the same one in TP??
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My theory was that each nintendo generation is that Link is different that he is the reincarnation of the link in the previous console generation. My theory is probably wrong but I dont think this is the same link in Tp that was in OoT.
Here is some interesting info on the order of the LoZ series. It has great back up for everything it says. I find it highly reasonable
I prefer to think of the Zelda games as being self contained stories which are not related to others in the series (except Zelda II and Majora's Mask, which are obviously sequels to Zelda and Ocarina of Time respectively).
Link in MM and OoT are the same in TP it's a new Link, they said that in the gameplay trailer, Link from TP is a Reincarnation, he has to do something like every 100 years to stop evil in Hyrule.