Ubisoft 7, Midway 6 - New titles in development.


Apr 30, 2006
The press from 1up.com recently attended the Electronic Games Summit in Napa early yesterday. They managed to grab a few words from Ubisofts North American President Laurent Detoc, Detoc revealed that his company currently has seven titles in development for Nintendo's upcoming Wii platform.

Detoc praised the Wii several times during the panel, stating that he expects it to have "a large audience and market." He also stated that he personally felt that in a time when fewer and fewer games appeal to him, the Wii offers plenty of enjoyment.

"The first time I picked up that sucker I couldn't stop playing it."

On the same panel, Midway President David Zucker stated that his company has six titles in development for the Wii.

source: 1up.com
Whooooo!!!! More games. I know that two of Ubisofts are Red Steel and Rayman Raving Rabbids and Midways is MK:Armagedon coming out in the first quarter of 07
so the other 5 games, lets see ... splinter cell, ghost recon, myst, far cry, and maybe a new series
There is another Ubisoft game is already confirmed, I dont remember the game so well but I think is Lost In The Forest.... Ill find some pictures later
You know that new game for the 360, Dead Rising when you are a guy stuck in a mall for 72 hours with a zombies. Well that would kickass on the Wii