UK: Anyone heading to the launch event?


Apr 30, 2006
There's a launch event on Friday at GAME in Oxford Street for Mario Strikers Charged Football, it starts at 9AM and wondered if anyone's heading down there?

To celebrate the launch, Ian Wright will also be appearing at GAME, Oxford Street from 9am on launch day (25th May) playing against challengers in store and signing Wii hardware and software for fans.
Cool, but I won't be going. Got to go to school :| last day of school though YAY!

Im back woohoo lol

Back on topic: I think its just a bit too far having a launch event for a game. Ok for a console
last day of school tommorrow and then i'll be training mario football!
I hope not :D it'd be funnier, either that or he's really competitive with it.
So did anyone go?
naa he must be good, he made the advert for it im pretty sure Ninty gave him a copy lol