UK prices :(


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Aug 5, 2006
Glasgow, Scotland
You Americans are so lucky. UK tax is terrible.

Nintendo wii: converted to £119. Probable price: £150
Games for wii: converted to £26. probable price: £35-40

I know the nintendo head said these were maximum prices, but i cant imagine it significantly lowered. Sometimes I think they just swap the $ for the £ when converting. The only place worse in the world for it is Ireland.
The price of games wiil drop ala
ps2 xbox/360
what I have been doing it a lot

and that wii thing
Man I want too punch u.... u are saying ur prices are HIGH!? well here in my country a DS game (the chepest one ) $50, and the most expensive $75 so??? and the GCN games $60... ah and also a DS Lite cost $250-275... so dont be thinking ur prices in ur country are high... (Im buying my ds lite in USA)