Wii $170 dollars (19, 800 yen) in Japan?


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Jul 3, 2006
The Japanese Nikko Citi Group reported that in the Japan the Wii will sell for 19, 800 yen ($170 dollars American).
Tokyo-based Nikko Citigroup has issued a report, and within that report stated that the Nintendo Wii will retail for 19,800 yen, which equals out to $170.

The report was released today and spoke of Nintendo’s rising stock price as well as a bunch of other financial tidbits. Within the report though was also the statement that the financial institution is forecasting that the Nintendo Wii will retail in for 19,800 yen.

This is lower than the previously estimated 25,000 yen price-point which the group predicted not too far back. The reason for the drop is because Nintendo is able to make the CPU for the Wii for less than expected.

The exchange rate from yen to US dollars makes the price come out to $170. Though system prices usually do not convert exactly, worst case scenario would put the Nintendo Wii at a price-point below $200, which would be unbelievable for the console as it tries to storm out of the game when it launches this fall.

Final details on the price and release date are still expected in September.
If their predicting is true we could see the Wii in the U.S. at around $150 dollars because when the ds came out in japn it was 150 dollars american while in thu U.S., it was a 130 dollars. Since Nintendo never confirmed this I guess we have to wait next week at Leipzig or in September .
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Holy Crap!!! I DOn't Think It'll Be $170... It's Too CHeap...(although i would enjoy it)
Hey I have that much money! If it were that cheap even more people would buy the system. Good business!
IN aus that around $230 so that is very reasonable cant wait it seems fairly true but i think it will be above $250 au
i hope thats true that will save me a whole lot of money buying the console and give me more to spend on controls and games etc.