um... yeah...

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plasmapunk said:
old games r not my cup of tea...
:mad: :mad::mad: :mad:

Why would you post that, thats got to be the stupidest thing i have ever seen, if you dont like old games thats fine, but you dont have to make a whole topic about it, and this is off my subject but you should like old games the are the best games ever made,
The first poster gets a

but not in all caseies are retro games best resi 4 better than the rest
adn in the case of the smackdown games every year they get better (unlike fifa)
My favorite game is one of the oldest around: Galaga. Nothing can touch it. I could play that game all day.

Off-topic: SuperMario, what part of Melbourne do you live in?
thank god that you said one of the first
dont want to start that debait again over wat was the first
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