The amount of things wrong with this thread/your post makes me want to do something random.
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i dont know where to post topics like this ok? still new here
What would a vacation NOT "irl" be? :/
"Vacation"? Holiday is a much better term. o:)

Only in UK English ;-)

Here in the US, the phrase "on holiday" just doesn't sound right. A holiday is only something like Christmas, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc. If you take time off work for a non-holiday, you're "on vacation". And even if you are off work because of a holiday, you would be "on vacation because it's a holiday", or "hey, it's a holiday, now I'm on vacation!", or "How come you're not at work? Because it's a holiday!"

Same goes for "in hospital". A hospital is a building, so instead you would be "in the hospital".

We're separated by a common language :)
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sorry all when i posted that i was tired we just got into the condo when i posted that