Very Surprising Site Rating on RuneScape


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Feb 1, 2009
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Well just remembered the website and What Ranked it. I only remember this to the noob who bumped the "Runescape on wii?" Thread.

So get this, out if the billions of trillions of websites out there, guess what Runescape got ranked? (Based on paga visits) 428... 428th place out of every site in the World!! Wtf? Thats right behind google, facebook, and playboy! Its in the top .000000000001th of the most visited websites.

Now, to think thats not bad, check this out. I checked the top game related websites out there, according to Alexis. This Includes, Gamefaqs, System designers, Computer games, etc. Everything related to any kind of game. Now guess what runescape got ranked... 11th best game related site in the WORLD! It was only beat by gamefaqs and its 9 affiliates. It even beat world of warcraft, which is said to be the biggest mmorpg ever. The really sad part is that runescape beat Nintendo & Sony combined!

Looks like the world forgot what good gaming was...
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Lol, I don't really like Runescape, but if that's as long as it's been around, I see it. There are enought RS accounts for 1/2 the people in the world to each have one.
dude. Runescape has been going for the longest time. Having millions of accounts. most of which all logging on multiple times. It's said to be "the beginners MMORPG." I believe it is.
It being 428th place is not suprising to me at all. Hell, I spent two years of my life dedicated to that game. Would I go back? hell no. But still, considering the amount of accounts, years on the internet, and amount of times being visited, It's no suprise.
Seems right. Every country plays the game and it's widely acclaimed for it's easy mmo features and gameplay. It was also my first MMO and it was a nice kick start in learning it.

No surprise at all.
Runescape is a legend, that's a reasonable place for it to stand. As everyone said, it rightly serves as the spot for the perfect beginner's MMO. It was the first game that really got me into RPGs and the whole medieval setting in general.

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