Virtual Console

the wii has 512mb of internal memory to store the games (and saves i'm assuming) plus at least one (though i've heard two in some places) expansion slots for additional storage in the form of SD cards
They will be downloaded to your console's built in SD card/external SD card via Wiiconnect24. So you can even download games while you're sleeping.
my guess is it just saves the games to your account because I doubt there is enough internal memory to store games on the Wii.
I may be wrong but when i had my xbox i would download 100s of ROM files for these older cartridge based games and the space they took up was absolutely miniscule.
yeah, the older games are quite small, i forget the exact sizes but roms for nes were <1mb and snes prolly no more than 6mb (the newer gba games go up to 11mb but they are a bit more advanced than the snes was), the n64 games are where we'll run into space issues prolly
the biggest N64 rom i could find was Conker's Bad Fur Day with 64 MBs. So not that bad.

The average was about 17 MB.
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The average N64 Rom is 17 MBs
The average NES Rom is only 21 KBs, so they hardly take up any space.
The average SNES Rom is 1.7 MBs, not bad.
The average Sega Rom is about 5700 KBs.
Yes, they don't take up much space at all.

But I will probably be purchasing at least one SD memory card just in case. The main reason that pushed me over the hump to purchase the Wii is the Virtual Console.

I am from the old school. I grew up on those games. I remember my mom buying the Nintendo Entertainment System on launch day for me. :)
The Virtual Console has me intrigued. I wonder if maybe considering that the wii is Wi-Fi and the fact that most likely its going to be networked with a computer if you can store these files on your PC. Maybe you could even purchase and download them via PC and move them to your Wii.
The Wii will have an online network.
It won't be as big as Xbox Live.
I soposed that you will buy little cards or use credit cards for credits and buy online. With the credits, you can download games.
Yea the best idea is that where you go to your local gamestop or ebgames and buy a card that has credits on it for the Wii online for you to purchase games and stuff. Hopefully thats what Nintendo does.
So they'll be stored in an SD card right? Can we use any SD card or will Nintendo provide us with their ones?