Voice acting?


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Sep 9, 2006
Anyone know if TP will feature voice actors or will it be in text like previous titles?
don't know...damn now that u asked that, they should START voice acting, i hope link won't sound gay, like they did with sonic "who wants chili dogs?"
If Link suddenly started talking it would be pretty wierd. I mean, has he talked in any previous games?
Good to hear they're going to make it the way it's supposed to be heh..
All I've Heard Link Say Is,"Hah,Se, Striiiiii, Oh!, And MAny Other Expressions...

It'd Be Wierd If Link Just Started Talking Out Of The Blue...
Hmmm... I remember Miyamoto mentioned that voice acting ruins the expression of the game and he preferred the means of communication in the game to be text (like reading a book) so that the user creates an internal dialogue in his head while reading the text.

Voice acting sort of ruins the effect that words themselves can have on the reader. Some people might like Voice Acting as it suits their kind of conversation while others may not as they have a different viewpoint on the type of conversation they were expecting.
What about that "Heh" when he jumps off something

On another note: 500 post WOOT XD
Or The,"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" When He Jumps Of A High Place!

NEWay... Voice Action For Zelda Would Change The Enitire View Of The Series...

I Wouldn't Count On It Happening...