Warning, Super paper mario causing first brick in wii's history


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Mar 26, 2007
Hi again, just to let you know, if you don't have an internet connection and your wii is PAL firmware version 2.0 then if you play the PAL version of SSX Blur it will update your wii for you to PAL 2.1 and then you can play NTSC Paper Mario. The SSX pal disc has the update built in!


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Feb 22, 2007
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Can Pal regions just import NSTC wiis or something, or would that screw up somehow?


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Feb 25, 2007
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E7ernal said:
I agree that it's not a good idea to mod consoles (mainly because of all the internet firmware updates which companies now do with them).
I also protest that we shouldn't have to wait 2 months longer than USA to get what is by then an old game.

<kinda off topic>
PES on the DS can be imported and played on a UK DS with no problems(no region lock). BUT, the US version (out now) has online gaming whereas the UK version (out soon?) won't. So we have to wait, pay more, and then get less of a game than the US does.

Why can Nintendo do this for the DS but not the Wii? How hard can it be to add an auto detect for the type of TV system that you use so making the Wii universal?


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Apr 12, 2007
I got this problem too.In thailand we use Jap console with wiikey.a lot of people face this problem.we just wait for a miracle.


Apr 11, 2007
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I kinda feel srry for all u guys with bricks (perhaps you could all join up and build a house) but its ur own fault for tryin to cheat the system. You though that by installing the chip you could get games faster and for free. Well you were wrong HA HA HA


Apr 13, 2007
Here is a small article from WP kind of explaining your problem:

[edit] Video Games
In the video game industry, Nintendo was the originator of regional lockout for video games. Regional lockout in video games is when a piece of hardware is designed such that only software for that region is compatible. Most video games have region encoding.
The main regions are:

Japan and Asia (NTSC-J).
North America and NTSC territories.
Europe, Australia and PAL/SECAM territories.
The Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS do not have regional lockout; because of this, import games can be played on those systems. In other words, a Japanese game would work on an American unit, although the game would likely not be in the user's native language and might be different from the product as released in other countries. Many "hardcore gamers" import games, usually from Japan or North America, if the game is released much earlier in that country than in their own, or for other reasons.

The PSP does have partial regional lockout, and uses the same regions as DVD. As of February 2006, the lockout is only used for UMD movies and not for games, although Sony has hinted it is up to the developers if they want to include region protection in their games. As of February 2007, copies of Battlezone for the PSP that are released in certain countries are found to be region protected, however it is unknown if there are other region-protected PSP games in the market.

The sixth generation of video game consoles have regional lockout, so games imported from other countries cannot be played on foreign versions of those consoles without some form of alteration to bypass the lockout.

And thus, trying to bypass the regional lockout, really will turn your Wii into a brick. I don't think there is a solution, because if you are so ignorant to do that, you deserve what you get. Just wait. Eventually they will come out, and if not, tough luck.
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Apr 13, 2007
Wow, guess my first response to my bricked Wii was already posted here :p

Here's my story:
My Wii:
-Was bought in Holland on the first of feb '07
-Has NEVER been online
-Has done the SSX Blur PAL update before
-Has a CycloWiiz v3.0 modchip to play imports

My SPM copy:
-Was patched (NTSC to PAL) with RegionFrii 1.2
-Seemed to do the update fine, until it rebooted itself and then displayed the feared Opera Help screen.
-Was the first (and last) USA game my console tried to play.

Any reasons against modding aside, I hope some ppl will be able to find a solution for this. For the time being, I'll have to settle for my PSP again, which I didn't need to mod because I can already buy my games everywhere in the world...


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Dec 5, 2006
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PmanNL. You said you got your Wii from Holland,

Why not get your Games from Holland too [Or whatever version it is PAL or NTSC] and don't mod your Wii?

Well you already modded it so :p


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Apr 13, 2007
Because my home regularly switches between Canada and the Netherlands. I wanted to be able to buy my games in Toronto aswell, so I decided to mod it now so I wouldn't have to buy another Wii...
I've done this before with my Xbox (v1.0)

Well, guess I might need to buy another Wii now anyway and I'll still not be able to play NTSC games... Maybe I'll just sell my PAL games now and get a new NTSC Wii from BestBuy.


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Apr 12, 2007
hey guys im one of the few ppl who bricked their wii's, now b4 u pay me out i have a question :p

few months back i tried connect my wii to the net through my computer by creating a wireless network between my computer and my wii, it didnt work because the wii has to connect to an access point only. Also i tried connecting using a usb to lan cable adapter but it wasnt made by telstra, and that didnt work either. I never deleted the settings on either of these so they are still on the wii. Now my idea is if i get a nintendo lan adapter and plug it in the wii should get the internet and load the page it wants to access and from that it will continue what it wants to do and from that i will be able to access the settings where i can restore it to factory settings. Do you think it could work?
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Apr 14, 2007

Response to last post:

Short answer: no.
Long answer: It won't work as the Wii is already bricked. The OS on the Wii ain't working at all, it ain't able to perform any updates to its firmware now.

Since there are several half-wrong answer on why I'll correct a few.

The firmware that is works with this is 2.2e (PAL Version). As the Super Paper Mario is only available atm as NTSC-U version it will perform an update to when trying to play the game, THIS WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF YOU HAVE 2.1e or older version.

Why? Ofc it does a firmware check prior to running the game. Nintendo wants to ensure their stability of their game etc. As long as the Wii ain't replying "Firmware 2.2e" it'll try to upgrade. So if you have your Wii connected to the net, and download the latest new firmware prior to playing the game, you are home free.

NB. As few of you know the "security" check in the Wii for checking backups and region are located on the DVD-ROM, so modchips etc are working just as they are supposed to be. Basiclly you installed the wrong firmware (from the NTSC-U Version of Super Paper Mario) on your lovely Wii.

So for they who haven't updated yet/tried the game, make sure your Wii is version 2.2e before trying it all. And ofc you are the one responsable for this.

Now back to play some more Super Paper Mario on my Wiikey modded PAL Wii.

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