Wet Demo


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May 6, 2007
I just wanted to let you all know the wet demo is definately worth checking out. i really didnt like anything about this game, i wasnt even following it but i saw the demo on the marketplace today and decided what the heck ill give it a shot and it is awesome!

it really reminded me of a mix between mirrors edge (wall running and stuff but thats it) and the movies death proof and planet terror (aka Grindhouse).
The style was great and reminded me a lot of No More Heroes ("Frenzy Mode", when all the blood is on her), but the gameplay mechanics were iffy and very clunky. It just seemed like...slide, shoot, rinse, and repeat. Nothing really out of the ordinary or anything that would warrant a full purchase.
It's by Bethesda. Guaranteed to be good.

Thanks for the heads up on demo play!
Well, Activision were publishing it a while back. It got cut, went on hiatus. In spring Bethesda decided to pick it up again to publish.
The clunky controls, and poor camera work was a turn off for me. It appears as if this game is trying too hard to be "cool", the gameplay could have been more solid and original.. since it plays like a Max Payne & Stranglehold clone.

I'll probably pick it up when it hits $15 Used.