what do i need to play online?

Jun 5, 2006
oops... forgot
Wii Online Code
i'm wondreing if i'm going to get annimal crossing, it's just that i don'æt know what i need to play online with my ds. i've got wireless breedband internett. do i need anything more??
if you have a router that can broadcast Wireless B (this includes: B, G, and N; though you may have to adjust some settings). Just go into animal crossing into the WiFi connect section, open the settings (sorry, I don't own the game, so I can't give good directions on how to get there). From there you will see buttons that look like the DS startup interface, touch Nintendo WFC Connection settings (left blue button), ConnectionX "none' button, search for an Access Point (top wide button); or if you have an AOSS compatible router (not likely), touch AOSS insead of "search..." and press the button on the router. For further deatails, go to www.nintendowifi.com
someone needs to make this a sticky its realy annoying having to hear about ppl wanted to get there wii and ds online