What games would you guys like to see on VC?


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May 24, 2009
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Personally I would like them to make earthbound, donkey kong 64, and the original super smash bros available for download.
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A game called -Strider- on the Megadrive,i loved that game,
People who didnt get the chance first time around would love it im sure.
Earthbound and Chrono Trigger. But Chrono Trigger was released for DS, so I don't see that happening...
yoshi's island is on virtual console

i know it sound stupid but i want pokemon!
btw can you still use glitches and cheats on ocarina from n64 on the wii??
old school games

I have a list of games that i would love to see them release on the vc asap. here is my list in no particuler order:

1. Tecmo Super Bowl on ither the nes or snes version (not the tecmo bowl kick off w/o the NFL lic.
2. Pro wrestling
3. Jordan vs Bird
4. R.C. Pro am
5. Track and Field

Most of the games i like or sports games. Im sure i forgot alot of good titles so fill free to add to my list dosent have to be sports titles only.
earthbound. but i think we'll be waiting for that just as long (or longer) as i waited for The Real Ghostbusters to come out on DVD; years and years and years and years....but then one day God smiled upon me and they were finally released.
It appears you maybe right. Its funny cause i find myself checking on a weekly bases even though i know it wont be there, wishful thinking i guess. So tell me is ghost busters any good
vc game release dates.

Is there some type of tenative list that supplies release dates for v.c. games.
I do believe a person called CastleZelda posts all new releases (VC/WiiWare) in the Virtual Console section.