What internet speed will be best for the wii


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May 30, 2006
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It is a very important qustion (well for me anyway)
As fast as possible? I don't understand the question. Are you asking what the minimum speed will be and still have content work?
Err........the faster the better.

But if you are asking whether there is minimum speed required then I suggest we wait to see what online services and multiplayer services Nintendo offer us.

One thing is for sure: if you are on a 56k dial up, you're fu**ed.
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no way am i on dail up will be changeing isps soon just need to know if it will be worth getin a higher speed (costs more and dont have mutch spare money)
get as fast as possible without starving yourself lol. a fast internet speed is usful for more than just the wii- the internet and other consoles if you have them. i recomend a minium of around 512kb/s or around 1mb/s, cos im running on 2.2mb/s and its working great:D
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Gona be geting upto 8 meg
Minimal lag is always ideal, you're probably looking at cable... or better. Connectivity are not my specialty. :p
Darkprinny said:
Gona be geting upto 8 meg

I think you need to re-read something. I have cable that operates at 3 megs, and it's some of the fastest available.

As for what is needed, putting a console online really doesn't take much (aside from voice chat, that takes as much as you can get), the reason being that (unlike web access), only small packets of data need to be transmitted. When you load a webpage, the whole thing has to be transmitted, wheras in a game, only your character location and actions need to be sent because all the other users on already have the rest of the game information (such as worlds/maps, characters, and other graphical details)

(Note: I am a certified computer tech)

woops, forgot to mention the detail that even though there isn't a lot sent, there still is enough to require a broadband connection of some kind (I'm guessing a wireless router, too, there doesn't seem to be a wired option).
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trust me i have seen up to 24mb but its way to pricey

koreans get it up to 100mb