What is that little strip?


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May 24, 2006
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What is that little strip in all those pictures. Is it like a sensor for the remote or what?
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Think_Tank said:
Cool stuff... hadn't seen this particular accessory till now!
Not me either. I was kind of expecting us to be able to play the game without the use of a sensor bar but I don't mind it either way.
What? Two? That's not what I've heard so far. This is getting to be more of an issue for people with front projection if that is true.
It blasts IR and the wiimote senses it. It is part of the system that (along with the motion sensor) that lets the wii know what you are doing with the wiimote in order to react.
I don't think it attaches to the USB of the wii, I think it ataches to the back video port of the Wii, but I could be wrong.
In one of the pics of a wii over at ign they showed the port at the back lableled "sensor bar". Don't quote me on this but that may just be where the sensor bar plugs in.
the plug doesn't quite look like usb, its probably another specially made nintendo connector. i would assume it would have a specialized port (probably on the back) to plug into and not take up on of the usb peripheral slots for a required attachment
motherbrainrulez said:
would you have to get bigger/smaller sensors if you had a big/ small tv???
Most unlikely. My guess is you do a calibration like you do with a palm pilot that define the boundaries of the screen.