What modes would you want?


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Aug 1, 2006
Well i thought this might be fun in SSBB what modes would you like (Single Player and Multiplayer Modes) Such as Giant Melee, Tiny Melee and so on.

Well in Singleplayer i would like
Quick Classic mode just to brush up your moves against diffrent char before a battle in Online mode :) (Quick Classic mode is without the dumb bonus stages and it only has like 5 battles instead of 11 in normal Classic like in SSBM
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well the special melees i found really gay (some) but some where sweet as well (some) and i agree with MetroidZ with the difficulty levels except extreme that should just be Hard or Difficult then Brawl...
There should be a survival mode were you keep facing new fighers until you die and they slowly start to get more skillful
Well, I think they're already doing like Adventure specific ones (whereby everyone has a different adventure). So, I'll just suggest some things about it:

1. On Snake's adventure, the rest of the cast should be guards (and dressed as such) that you can either sneek past or fight.
2. On Link's adventure, a similar thing - You have to sneek past many palace guards (other cast) to see Zelda.
3. Shiek/Zelda goes on search for Link (who's trapped in the Sacred Realm), and encounters numerous incarnations of Ganon, including a spooky version of the Mario Brothers battle her.
4. Luigi could be going through his mansion, and behind every door lurks another character (in ghost form) that he has to battle.
5. On Samus' level, you go through a space station, and find the cast in stasis chambers and you have to fight them off to get to the self destruct button (or something), defeating the army of metroids on board (with Ridley as the final boss).
6. Bowser could have the cast trying to come into his castle to rescue the princess, and then at the end, you have to face off between both Princess Peach and Princess Zelda.

Also, one final note: Please provide FMV's. Character endings would be more satisfying with FMV's.

I found that I didn't play the "special" matches all that much. Not even the coin one. Stock is fine by me.
jiarachi_dancing_man said:
they could have like the wolfenstein modes, like "dont hurt me" and "i am satan reincarnated"

Lol good old wolfenstein...... but yeh I think they should have what MetroidZ said easy, medium, hard, brawl! that would be awesome vause you dont want it to be to easy :)
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Or like Serious Sam

Tourist(Very Easy) Easy(Duh i wonder what it could be) Normal(Again Uhh) Hard(And Again) Serious(Very Hard/Hardcore)
I liked Stamina Mode in SSBM. And I agree with Squall7 where each character would have a different Adventure mode. That way you wouldn't get really bored or memorize with the same adventure over and over again.