What the hell?

No dude - somebody was shot with a real gun during a robbery this morning, too.

You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You think it's okay for people to get hurt just because you don't like what they're waiting in line for?

Have some compassion....ffs.
PlayStation 3 devotees camping outside of a Lexington, Kentucky Best Buy were showered with BB-gun pellets last night in an apparent drive-by shooting.

I suggest you read the article, my friend.

EDIT: Wait, are you taking about a differnt event alltogehter?
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You are allowed to snap, its ok. :thumbsup: You just barley clarrified you were speaking about a differnt event, i realized it on my second read over.

It is a bad thing that somone got shot though, theres no disagreement there, I was only aware of the BB shooting at the time. It could even have negative feedback towards the gaming industry, althought i really doubt it.