What TV will you be playing you Wii on?


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Oct 22, 2006
60" HDTV here, can anyone beat that?:hand:

EDIT: for those of you thinking of buying a TV/HDTV check this Black Friday ad


about half way down there is a 52" HDTV for only $1,000 (INCREDIBLE DEAL)
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HAHAHAHA!!! I'm using a 61 inch HDTV. I'm very very serious. That's kinda funny
19" Sanyo with Composite Video.... FTL. Maybe Santa will bring me a fat stack of cash and I can spring for a 32" LCD HDTV....
Good grief are we serious? How may of you actually purchased these yourself? I personally own a 64 Grand wega (sony) and 44 flat wega on my great room wall, a 36 wega in my bedroom, a 27 sony wega and a 32 apex in the rec room, not to mention my kids rooms, guest rooms.... the 44 wega will get the wii. roughly 10 grand is tvs. Why am I even posting, Im not the boastful type, but yall asked for it.

Not that bad, but I wish it was something better. :)