What Will You Do On Midnight Release?


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Sep 5, 2006
An almost obligatory question to go alongside EVERY console release....

Will you do an all-nighter to pick up the system? What will you bring with you to make time pass? And, what all do you hope to pick up on that fateful morning of the 19th.

Personally, my friend and I already have it all planned out.... Bringing our DS's and all the games we have for them to pass the time. Each of us is bringing enough money to get the Wii, an extra controller package (with nunchuk), and Zelda. It will be so great! FIRST ONES IN LINE FOOLS!

If all goes well in the money area, I definitely plan on picking up either Red Steel, or Monkey Ball along with my Zelda. But, as it should be with every nintendo fan, Zelda is top priority.

First one to unlock the master sword wins! :smilewinkgrin:
LOL sounds like fun, not sure if i could justify waiting in line all night for a games console though, especially is the stores are gonna be well stocked :p

Maybe i'll find a 24hour bar and stagger into the local Dixons in the earlyhours :p
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Personally, having done an allnighter for a system, I wouldn't miss it.

It's really an amazing experience.... seeing handfuls of complete strangers meet overnight at the local store and watching them all become friends within the few hours they spend there. It's not just about the waiting for the console... it's about the fanboyism. Joining your fellow Nintendo fans for one last night of Wii-less lifestyle.... looking back on the years of Nintendo.... sharing gaming stories.... it's just like this forum, but impersonated in your local Wal Mart. I really feel it's one of the most exhilarating experiences you can ever have.

I remember the night I waited for the 360...everyone had these Halo stories and such... the line ended up becoming a circle, and everyone was just tossing stories and jokes back and forth. It was pretty amazing the connections complete strangers were making...

I guess I should really get started on my book about all this stuff... let the world see just how awesome the world of video game fan-ism really is, and why it's better than any other medium of entertainment in the world.
I'll be waiting at midnight. When i get home, i'll probably spend an hour or so playing with the controls. Then i'll try, TRY, to get some sleep before finally playing on it on Sunday
I will be sleeping. And i will probably order mine from www.play.com, so i may not get it till the day after. If it is out on a saturday or sunday, i will scream a terrible terrible swear word. Several times. (post obviously closed on sunday).

What i hope doesnt happen (and what happened with my DS) is that i get my wii on the release date but not the games till the day after. Right pain that was... 6 hours of the Metroid Prime Hunters demo got a bit dull.

anyway, my plan is 2day 2 preorder the wii ( the lady working at gamestop told me i could do it the day the info was released). then, on the 18th i am gonna get there at 12:00 in the afternoon with my ds, and some food/water.
since gamestop allows u 2 get an anticipated release at minight, i will then wait in line 4 12 hours. then, once i get my wii and my preordered copy of twilight princess, i will run out of there screaming " I GOT FINALLY HAVE THE WII F#$K YA!!!!!". I will then find the car with my friend(s)/parent ready 2 me up. the car will have weapons, and i will have trained in martial arts thouroughly. we will then get 2 my house, hook it up, then play till school on monday, 4 a very, very long-assed school day.
Dang... I'm Goin To Sachool In The Morning...I'M GOING TO MISS IT!!!!

... Mabye My Mom'll Go! :p