What will you do when you get your Wii?


Hai :3. I'm back.
Aug 11, 2006
Australia, Melbourne
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Im going to go home, Sit and drool for like an hour, then slowly slowly slowly take it out of the box and stand it on the table and smile for a loooooooooong time and drool some more, look at every inch of it put it down near the TV and spend the day deciding which position to put it in and admire it for the whole day, Play on my games all night and day and thats it!!
When I get new toys, I love spending time reading the instruction manual, taking in every little point. The height of nerdiness admittedly and I'm sure I'll be no different in this instance! :D
Must agree i love unwrapping all the packaging an opening the boxes etc.

All those little metal bendy things that keep all the wires neat, ooh :D

Cant wait.
I imagine I'll get home, take my time opening the packaging and installing the console, then hopefully I'll be able to spend the rest of the evening just playing it and doing nothing else. :D
Can't wait for that day to arrive. :yesnod:
When I get home, I'd get the camera and record me opening my Wii to put on YouTube. LOL. Then I'll look at it a lot, take it around the house and show everyone and be all excited. Then I'll play Zelda and later on Wii Sports, hell I'd even go in my mums room and let her play my Wii ROFL. She knows nothing of games. :p yeah I'll just drool at the console, yeah. ;)
i am just going to druel for ages and unrap it soo perfectly so evey thing can go back in its place perfectly then i will just play with the controller for a while just getting the feel then i will turn it on.
Gives me an idea for a future competition. First Wiichat member to post a pic of themselves playing on their Wii gets a prize :lol:
ooo but when i get it im going to have to decide what game to go on first!!! wich one please help me...
(red steel) (wii sports) (zelda) (gundam wing)
Well I'll probably read all the manuels five times each.

Then get the Wii out of the box.

Then measure it to make sure it's the correct length, height, weight, ect.,

Then I will connect all the wires.

Then I will turn on the Wii and TV.

Then I will put my game in the Wii.

THEN I will play the game.


i'll dooo thiss....

this is what im gunna do the second i get it.

1.) drive back to my house as fast as i can.

2.) rip open that damn box, and take out the wii.

3.) hook it up, take a picture of me with my wii.

4.) play my wii, and probably play every free moment i can get :lol:

5.) repeat number 4 again and again and again.
I will be ripping open my Wii box in the car on the way home :lol: and read all the stuff in it, while keeping the precious Wii system intact at least. So by the time i get home, i will know exactly (hopefully) how to set up the system (probably easy but just in case) so i can get it done as fast as possible
Daaamn, I won't RIP the box open.. I like reading the box and the instructions etc.. on the drive home or whatever, or generally just looking at it :cool: damn then i'll get home, set it up, then play