When will Twilight Princess be released in stores?


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Nov 9, 2006
I see on websites that the games for Wii are available on the 14th, 15th or 16th. When will they be available to the public in stores? The 19th? I hope so beacause I don't want to be making two trips, or going to get my Wii on Sunday only to see that there are no more TP's left.
games BEFORE the console? lol. Either that infos wrong or America have some serious problems to solve lol. As far as i know, it will be released same day as the console. No worries. Though i think some online retailers might despatch the games before the console, meaning it may arrive the day before etc. Im in the UK though, so check with an American to be sure..
When the 360 came out games and accessories were sold before the console was launched.
yeah... the game crazy kept telling me that the super smash bros was coming out on laucnh untill like 3 weeks ago until i printed out some statement form nintendo and took it to them and they fixed it haha... stupid people... dunno if they will sell some of the games before launch... it is only a matter of time to wait and see what they will do... im hitting up walmart saterday night to see if i can grab any.. :p