Which name do you prefer?

Which name? Wii or Revolution?

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Aug 20, 2006
Honestly, which name do you prefer? The Wii or the Revolution?

For me it's the Revolution I'm afraid. It just sounds cooler!
I must admit, the name Wii has really grown on me this last month or so. Like many others i really didnt like it when Nintendo announced it... but i guess the media hype and clever marketing has totally won me over :)
i'm already used to the wii, kinda con...tro...ling mee... lol really cuz somehow i like it better than revolution, but revolution would make PERFECT sense but hey, theres NOTHING we can do, all the bitching and whinnin ain't gonna change so wii just niid (need) to put up with it
Wii is more simple to say then the Revolution and the name Wii just begins to grow on you.
Revolution was cooler but Wii has grown on me so i like it. Now it's the Wiivolution that change how Wii play games.
I've said it before I'll say it again, 'revoloution' had much more zing
Still you can't help but not like the name 'wii'
Wii, is just 3 times cooler and it was like google, very extrange but at the end the best name ever :cool:
Rev sounds awesome, I thought that would be the 3 letter short name for it, I still like Revolution better, but either way, I call all my Nintendo systems "The Nintendo"
lol I like the wiivolution pun on the nintendo console name. But hell yeah i am getting used to saying Wii and now i find its easier to say it compared to revolution.
Yeah I think Wii sounds better now. When I first saw it i didnt really care what the name was and then it became to a stage where I liked it. Its just short and simple rather than saying revolution
They should've stuck with Revolution. It's an apt name that describes the console pretty well. I hate to sound like a fanboy here but the name Wii is a bit stupid (and practically ammunition for those stupid fanboys), and the bad puns are getting tired now.
I don't know... I probably prefer Revolution, but Wii's growing on me. Also 'cos Wii isn't a real word, wii is wii in every language, whereas every language has a different word for revolution.

Also bad Wii puns never get old!