who you gonna be first in ssbb?


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Jul 15, 2006
are you gonna stick to your character from ssbm or try one of the new ones? me personally am gonna go straight to pit 8)
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cool haha well I doubt I'm gonna stick with him but I know ill like him I think if ganondorf is in it he's mine haha
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mmm meta kinght I really hope he's not a kirby clone that would blow nuts
from the video meta-knight dosen't look like a kirby clone. I would try Zero Suit Samus first. if she's not availible i'd go for pit
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oh crap I didn't een think of that haha what if all the new chars are hidden that would be cool but suck all in one
well lets revive this post! my best character from SSBM is ganondorf/Captain Falcon...but im gonna try out Solid Snake this time, do a little variety show u know?

BTW, where is Meta Knight and Pit from? i cant believe they put in wario but no waluigi or daisy or birdo...hopefully they put in Sonic and tails and shadow or something, and doubtfully...Cloud and Tifa or something like that