Why do you have Wii Fit?


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Mar 24, 2009
Hi everyone

I'm doing a paper on Wii Fit as a way of integrating exercise in everyday life and hoped that you guys could help me out by answering some questions since you seem enthusiastic about Wii Fit. It would help a bundle!

- Why have you bought Wii Fit?

- How much time to you spend playing Wii Fit during a week?

- Do you look at Wii Fit as a supplement to exercising or as the only means of exercising?

- Is it mostly for you or your children and do you use it alone or together with family and friends?

- What advantages/disadvantages do you see in the concept of mixing gaming and exercising?

Thanks a lot for your time

- Steffen from Denmark
1) I primarily bought it because I enjoy exercise and it sounded fun, plus I thought there would be potential for future games using the balance board.

2) I used it 30-60 min, 2 or 3 times per week, for approximately the first two months after purchasing it. I have long since grown very bored with the included games and haven't touched it in many months.

3) I looked at it as a fun game that would add more activity to my day; for "exercise" I prefer higher intensity for longer durations (i.e. running, free weights, etc). Wii Fit is much better than doing nothing, though. It has some very good points, but overall lacks intensity and flow.

4) It is primarily just for me. I don't have kids. Since you can only use it for one person at a time, and anybody who wants to try it out has to set up a profile and weigh in, it is not a very good party game.

5) Anything that makes exercise more fun for more people is a great idea, IMO. I am always open to trying something new! Working out can tend to get boring, especially in the middle of winter when the only choice is my living room. Anything to make people look forward to and enjoy fitness is a step in the right direction! Wii Fit seems like a prototype for that concept, I sure hope other game developers can come up with more.

(I know there were other fitness games before Wii Fit, such as YourSelf Fitness and Kinetic for the PS2, but nothing seemed to really catch on with the public the way Wii Fit has).

Jeannie from Michigan