Wii Fit is too slow...(?)


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Jun 13, 2009
Am I the only one who thinks that the Wii Fit game is too slow? While I like the individual exercises just fine, I find that going from exercise to exercise takes up far too much of my time with the game... For instance, if I have 20 minutes to try to squeeze in a quick refresher/workout, it seems I spend probably 12 of those minutes working my way through menus and acknowledging that I know how to do what I am about to do...

Am I missing something? Is there a hidden mode that would allow me to chain together:
Yoga exercise A
Strength exercise B
Yoga exercise C
balance game D
strength exercise E

What I would hope for would be that you could just move smoothly from one to another without having to navigate/acknowledge/wait/etc.

Also, am I the only one who doesn't care about tracking my weight? (Maybe track my balance age instead?)

Any suggestions of games that allow for a better "quick workout"?

Many thanks!
Heck in you're in a rush just pick up the balance board and bench press it! No need to even turn it on! :lol:

More seriously though, Wii Sports boxing is a decent workout after 7-8 matches. Try that.
I got EA Active and I like the fact that it has a 20 or so minute workout. You switch between each exercise pretty quickly. If you have done the exercise once already, it won't prompt you to view the video. I've been doing EA Active for 7 days and it is still adding new exercises.

Apparently WiiFit Plus is going to have workouts as well.
I've heard the same thing, the Wii Fit Plus will have workouts strung together. I agree that it would be nice not to have to go between workouts to choose different ones, to be able to just set up a routine. Wii Fit is still one of my favorites though.

Wii Sports Tennis is a good workout if you run for the ball (and don't trip over the coffee table) Virtua Tennis is even better because of the Wii MotionPlus and it has more options and game play.
I also find it frustrating that Wii Fit doesn't have a wrokout grouping. It offers suggestions of exercises to do in a group but offers no way to do them aside from the player having to remember the names.

The other thing that bugs me, and this is silly, is that if you miss a day it "chastises" you and often on Sunday's I'll play and it suggests that I take a day off. Wish it would decide if a day off is acceptable or not! :p