Why Is My Wii Loud!!!

d_k said:
Do u leave your games inside the wii and dont put em back in the case?
beacuse only some games do that on mine and ive noticed that the sides of my games got a lil melted bumpyish

PS3Stinks said:
I think the main problem might be overheating I'm probably going to try to get one of those cooling stands and get a wireless sensor bar while I'm at it. It that doesn't work I'm going to send it in.
If it is getting that hot to warp discs then you should already be calling them, there is something seriously wrong with the Wii if that is in fact the case. With it getting THAT hot you could be looking at a serious FIRE HAZARD! Unplug it when you are not around it or else it could cook your home. Don't mess around, CALL NINTENDO and get that thing fixed/replaced!

Plastic is flammable if the temperatures get hot enough, don't mess around.
Hm... Well what kind of noise is it? Like reading disks really loudly or?
If it's like, buzzing, then your Wii is defective.
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Kind of a buzzing but only when a disk is in and being read like while I'm sitting at the main menu it has to read it to show the picture and its really annoying! But even worse is when I'm playing something...
ericlewis91 said:
mine is so loud...like so loud>

if i send mine to nintendo? will i loose my games? and wii channels?
If it is just your drive that is bad, then they simply replace the drive and send it back with everything else (data) intact.

If they need to replace a chip then they will copy all the data off the original to the new system, however there are a few problems with it...
  1. VC data is copied but requires restoration - this means that the games will have to be re-downloaded. For those with save-game info copying the VC game to SD first, re-download, and then copying it back from your SD card MAY salvage old save game data for them since downloading updates the RSA encryption. This is just a guess! Yes, you will be able to re-download them.
  2. Your Mii's are salvaged but no longer editable - They work just like they would if your friend sent them to you, and require to be copied to the Wii-Remote and computer editor to change there Mac address back to your new Wii to make them editable again.
Everything else should work just fine, but always copy everything you can to SD vefore sending it for repair just to be safe. This information is based on old information as by now Nintendo could have made the transfer more seamless and less of a headache to restore your VC and Mii data.