Why Is My Wii Loud!!!


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Sep 22, 2007
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My Wii is loud all of a sudden I mean really loud usually you here the little spin every once in a while but now its just making this loud noise when reading disks.
I'm thinking it is because it sometimes falls over while playing Gamecube games because I scoot back too far. Does anyone know how to fix this?
i used to have this, luckily my wii broke and i got a new one, hmmmmm have you maybe checked the settings on ur wii?
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What part of the settings? I fixed it for like 5 minutes and I was so happy and then all of a sudden it just started again... I asked Nintendo but I bet they will say anything good other than you should buy a new one... I would buy a new one but I have bought a lot of stuff off of the Wii shop and stuff like that...
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I will try that I guess but I might want to make sure that the setting thing doesn't work but that is a great idea last resort though because I can't go very long without Mario Strikers Online
If it's just a loud clicking sound, dont wory, it's just the laser arm working harder then it needs to. If it's something else, I dunno
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No I have had my Wii for almost a year it has never been this loud... I have fallen in love with my Wii getting a new one isn't going to cover it...:wtf: I hope they do good repair... Or some setting thing works
It shouldn't be too much of a problem.
A noise tends to happen when playing games or loading them.
But if it persists or just to be safe, I would call for some assistance like others have suggested.
I could be wrong, but is it a possibility that you might have a cooling issue? if your system is overheating, like a computer, it tends to start whining a bit and losing performance...

so maybe try at the very least making sure there's a good bit of airspace around it for heat to circulate and dissipate, or maybe invest in one of the aftermarket stands that also has a cooling fan (or maybe jury rig one of those liquid cooling units for a 360 up to it!)

PS3Stinks said:
I'm thinking it is because it sometimes falls over while playing Gamecube games because I scoot back too far. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Leave it on its side.
I've had my Wii for about a month. Within the first week, it started doing exactly what you describe. No crashing, no system troubles. It just gets really loud and obnoxious. It doesn't really do it on Twilight Princess, but definitely happens with all the other games.

I'm guessing that something is loose. If that's the case, then we'll both be sending ours back to Nintendo for repairs--that is, unless you want to continue listening to the horrible sound.

For now, I'm putting up with it. At the first sign of a real problem, it's getting shipped.
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Yeah I'm about ready to bring mine in too... I don't know what I'll do while its gone...:mad2:
Mine has always been loud when reading disks and theres never been a problem with it I just figured it was normal